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Scott Schillin is an experienced, accomplished musician who is passionate about sharing his unique stylings at events throughout the Triangle.

Scott is a classically trained pianist who specializes in offering tasteful, subtle improvisations on carefully selected repertoire from the American Songbook and whose intention is to enhance the ambience appropriate to each event.   

Throughout the years, Scott has performed at favored Triangle venues including The Umstead Hotel, Prestonwood, Hope Valley, and North Hills Country Clubs, Carolina Inn, Governors Club, Bay 7, Raleigh Convention Center, and Carolina Meadows.


Whether performing on his own portable Yamaha keyboard or on the piano at the venue, Scott Schillin's choice of music is made thoughtfully and is then performed in a style and volume level appropriate to the energy in the room.  His  intention is that people will be able to hear his music but it never will "get in the way."


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